Alternativo Aperitivo

Local bitter-sweet aperitif

Vol: 700 ML

Alcohol: 20.5%

Ingredients: Sumac, Mastic tree, Nigella, Apricot kernel, Citrus blossoms, Carob blossoms, Carob powder, Seaweed and more

Aroma: Harmonious combination of citrus and fruit blossoms and deep and earthy flavors with a prominent mineral character

Body: Medium bodied, which despite not having a "syrupy" and heavy texture, gives a sense of fullness that continues to leave a rich impression on the palate for many minutes after sipping

Color: Tile red

Drinking Recommendation:

Serve in a lowball glass, with two ice cubes and a slice of orange or the same ingredients in a highball glass plus tonic water


Bottom line:

All the fun of an aperitivo but with a local twist


Price per 100ml: 15.57 NIS